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Cuba City Public Library

Curbside Pickup

* By Appointment Only *

Monday and Wednesday from 1-6pm

Tuesday and Thursday and Friday from 1-4pm

To request items, you may call us at (608)744-2613.  Phone calls are best during morning hours 9-12.

If staff are unable to answer, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call.


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Reading Challenge 2020

Choose from the list of Reading Challenges below and have fun with reading!

Time’s Up  –  Set a time goal and read for that amount each day: 15 minutes, half hour, hour

Series 1-2-3  –  Read book one of a new series, and if you like it then read book two, three, and beyond

Summarize It  –  After finishing a book or chapter, tell a family member or friend all about it

From Page to Screen  –  Read a book then watch the tv or movie adaptation

Zone Out  –  Create and enjoy a reading zone: a fort, nook, tent, outdoor area, swing, cozy chair, etc.

Format Fun  –  Try a new format and listen to an audiobook, either by itself or reading along with the book while listening

Genre Switcheroo  –  Read a book from a different genre than you usually prefer to read

Listen Up  –  Read aloud to your parents, siblings, and/or pets

Family Read  –  Have a dedicated family reading session where everyone reads at the same time individually or by taking turns to read out loud to each other

Full House  –  Read every book in the house, or go room by room reading as you go: read a board book in the baby’s room, then a recipe in the kitchen, and so on

Recipe for Fun  –  Read some recipes and then enjoy cooking up some yummy treats

Story Art  –  Bring a book to life and use your creativity to draw, paint, or sculpt a favorite scene or character

If you need library materials to help with the challenges, remember that we offer curbside pickup appointments and are happy to help choose items to meet your needs. 

Call 608-744-2613 or email


**Update: at this time the library will not be scheduling any in-person programs, such as Lego Club and Book Club, until further notice**